We Make Carpets

WeMakeCarpetsThe amazing carpet installations are the collaborative creations of Dutch designers. Bob Waardenburg, Marcia Nolte and Stijn van der Vleuten. The carpets are constructed with materials atypical of the ones normally seen in homes. The pieces pictured above are made from pasta, plastic utensils, wooden skewers, bricks, paper clips and laundry pegs. You can see additional designs on their website, We Are Carpets. Here’s what they’ve written about their work:

“Bob: ‘Our work is about super elementary design. It is about objects everybody uses, like clothes pegs and LEDs, but that no one would give a second thought. Why do they look the way they do?’ Stijn adds: ‘It is essentially a revaluation of materials that have been produced to be discarded after use.’ Later, Marcia says: ‘We are purely interested in forms. It is very minimalistic.”

“WE MAKE CARPET loves those materials. ‘We want to celebrate these products’ existence.’ And that is what they do. With dazzling installations in the form of carpets.”

Images: Courtesy of We Make Carpets.

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