Yu Jin-Young

Yu Jin-Young is a Korean female sculptor who creates human forms out of transparent materials. We couldn’t find a blog or a website for her but we did find an interview on Leaders in Korean.  Here are her answers regarding her work:

Production:  “All of my works are made through soil work. First, make a human shape out of clay. Among them, the face, shoes/socks, and hands are lifted with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics). And the rest of the body is molded with plaster. Then, place a hard PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) plate on the polished plaster frame, and press while applying heat. Press repeatedly until you get the shape you like. The resulting face, transparent body, shoes, and back of hands are tied together with transparent thread and assembled. It takes about 40-50 days to complete one work.”

Transparency:  “I always wanted to hide when I went to a place with a lot of people. The fake laughter, exaggerated gestures, and unscrupulous communication were awkward and uncomfortable. Even though I was good at talking, I suddenly asked’What am I doing now?’ I think. Even when I was with a lot of people, I often felt like I was standing alone in a completely different space from other people. Then, everyone else seems happy, but suddenly I feel that I’m alone and I want to run away.”

“So I wanted to create a transparent work. I thought that if I made a transparent person who could act honestly with a sincere expression in any situation, no matter where I am, I would be able to withstand awkward moods and frustrating situations.”

Images:  Courtesy of Yu Jin-Young.

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