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TattlyLove this simple holiday DIY project from Brooklyn-base company, Tattly, who produces non toxic temporary tattoos designed by professional artists. Found this particular project on their blog. The tattoos are temporary but can be made permanent using a clear sealant on the globes. The blank glass ornaments can be purchased at your favorite hobby store and Tattly’s tattoo collection can be purchased here on their website.

Images: Courtesy of Tattly.

Hand Eye Supply

HandEyeSupplyReally have to get myself up to Portland. There are some small businesses I would love to visit such as Hand Eye Supply. Could certainly use a few of the items from their work inspired collection. Here are a few lines from their ‘About” page that explains their philosophy:

“We stock things that are nice to use, hard to find, lovely to touch, and inspiring in origin.”

“We carry cool things you can use to make other things, but how do we choose? By applying 3-part scrutiny to everything we stock. Every item in the shop needs to meet our high standards for Utility, Story, and Design. Being picky has its benefits: everything we carry is practical, interesting, ethically-sourced and well made.”

Images: Courtesy of Hand Eye Supply.

S.D. Evans Quilts

S.D.EvansQuiltWouldn’t at all mind having a couple of these quilts in my home. These minimalist designs are the creation of Brooklyn-base quilter, Season Evans. They are made by hand using natural fabrics and sold under the brand name, S.D. Evans Quilts. Love the simple patterns and the pared down approach to color that give these quilts a strong contemporary appeal.

Images: Courtesy of S.D. Evans Quilts.