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Igor Morski

IgorMorskiIntrigued by the surreal illustrations of Polish artist and graphic designer, Igor Morski. His work is so excellently rendered and so realistic that it appears to be a spellbinding photograph. The surreal master takes you to unbelievable and sometimes unnerving situations. You can view his portfolio on his website and also here at Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Igor Morski.

Christoph Niemann

ChristopherNiemannNew York based illustrator, artist and author, Christoph Niemann, created this whimsical drawing series called ‘Sunday Sketches’. Here the artist combines illustrations with everday objects taking on a new and unexpected form. Be sure to check out his portfolio for he is truly bursting with creativity and humor.

Images: Courtesy of Christoph Niemann.

Johanna Härmä

JohannaHarmaAdmiring the work of Finnish designer/illustrator Johanna Härmä. Love the bold and colorful illustrations clearly inspired by her Scandinavian background. She writes this about her inspiration:

“My work is inspired, primarily, by random daydreaming, things I see when walking around, nature, music and my hometown, forests and lake house in Hämeenlinna, Finland.”

Images: Courtesy of Johanna Härmä.