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Yoon Hyup

Yoon Hyup is a New York based artist, born and raised in Seoul,  South Korea. His work is an abstract painting technique composed of free flowing yet structured lines and dots. His artistic style is also inspired by his skateboarding background and his experience with music. His Korean roots are respected through his use of Korea’s primary colours (red, yellow, blue, black and white) and cloud patterns which can often be found in his work.  In an interview with S’well he says this about how he started painting:  

“I never thought I would be an artist or some guy who would be talked about or asked to come paint [somewhere], but creation is something natural for me because I’m always motivated to express myself. I started studying art when I was in high school. I studied graphic art because I really wanted to design skateboards. Skateboarding and music were really big parts of my life growing up. In 2001, when I went to college, I met a lot of DJ and musician friends. A DJ crew wanted me to paint live while he performed his set, a mix hip hop, funk, disco, we’d perform all night. That was when I was 23 or 24 years old, and then I met more and more people, they would learn about me and ask me to do more paintings.”

More of his work can be viewed on his website and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Yoon Hyup.

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