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Sanae Sugimoto

A few years back we posted the illustrations of Japanese artist Sanae Sugimoto.  Thought we should catch up with her more recent works.  The Fukuoka-based illustrator studied oil painting at a university in Kyoto and thereafter came back to her hometown to create her work.  She uses Sumi inks in the Japanese traditional colors of black and vermilion.  In an interview on Selvedge she says this about herself:  

“Since I was a child, I read many books and liked playing alone. Then I sort of created my own world inside of me. I guess I go back there only when I’m drawing. The Motifs have been the same since I was a teenager.”

“I tend to be indecisive when I draw, so limiting the colour and the method could solve this matter. I use Japanese ink called Sumi, this ink is quite thick compared to normal inks so it produces unique lines. Also, Sumi has black and red inks only.” 

You can follow the artist on her website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of San Sugimoto.

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