Aji Project

In the northeastern part of Shikoku Island in Japan the stone industry has been developing since ancient times. It is in this location that the company, Aji Project, can be found.  The company makes stone products from Aji stone, the hardest of all granite in Japan and is often called a granite diamond.  The texture is fine, and the luster and color are graceful and beautiful.  The household products of Aji Project are created by skilled craftsmen and blends naturally into any interior.  In their website they say this about the material:  

“The first tool people used was stone. Stones have been in nature, very close to us for a long time. People feel the softness of the naturally born roundness, the hardness of the rugged rock surface, and the cool and comfortable temperature by touching it without any special consciousness. A stone product that stands quietly near people.”

More of their product can be viewed on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Aji Project.

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