Azra Khamissa

One of our favorite blog, Present and Correct, posted an article that we just had to share.  Azra Khamissa is a chiropractor, handbag designer and henna artist.  She is known for her non-traditional spin on this ancient form of body art, henna. Instead of drawing traditional paisley shapes and floral themes, her designs are minimal and more contemporary.  The Dubai-based artist creates intricate geometric shapes and minimal single-line designs.   Her job as a chiropractor greatly influences her work:  “I look at the hand as a whole, so I use the joints and the different planes, and try to incorporate the whole hand in the design”.

More of her work can be viewed on Instagram. Henna kits and her bag designs can be purchased in her shop branded Azra.

Images:  Courtesy of Azra Khamissa.

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