BugknitsAn example of extreme knitting are these miniature works of Indiana-based knitter Althea Crome of Bugknits. She knits these tiny objects with silk sewing threads and uses surgical wires for needles. She explains her love of knitting and love of challenge in her profile page as follows:

“The texture of the yarn, the smooth rhythm of the needles and the emergence of a pattern in my hands as I work has always been quite magical to me. But, by adding the challenge of creating an object for a physical world that is so small as to be almost beyond our grasp, is to add a new thrill to an already beloved art form.”

“Traditional formats and styles provide the basic framework for my pieces, and suggest a range of likely motifs; the manner in which these motifs are selected, adapted, altered and combined is then left to my own imagination and desire for innovation. Every one of my knitted miniatures is rooted in tradition, but none are mere replicas of existing patterns or styles. It is with a spirit of continued curiosity and a desire to create new and original pieces that I will continue to pursue my love of knitting within the limitless possibilities of this miniature scale.”

Some of her patterns are available for purchase here on her website.

Images: Courtesy of Bugknits.

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