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Sakai Mika

Sakai Mika is a Japanese ceramic artist, practicing the ancient Japanese technique of Nerikomi.  It is a style of pottery in which the clay is tinted, layered in precise ways, and sliced to form a slab which is pressed into or onto a mold.  The work’s color and decoration are created by the patterned clay rather than by a glaze or surface technique.The completed pottery will have the same pattern on its exterior and its interior.

The artist began her career in the Arts by studying fashion in Tokyo.  After she graduated she took her first ceramics course then went on to apprentice for two years under one of Japan’s foremost practitioners of Nerikomi.  She has since become one of the best Nerikomi potters in Japan. 

More of her work can be found on her blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Sakai Mika.

Bodil Manz

Danish ceramist Bodil Manz graduated from the School of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen, went on to study at Escuela de Disneno y Artesanias and Berkeley University in California.  She is known predominantly for her ultra-thin, translucent eggshell porcelain in cylindrical forms decorated with bold, geometric abstractions.  Her work is included in many important museum collections and has amply exhibited internationally.  In her own words:

“Focusing and concentrating on a single object such as a sphere, a square, a cylinder, a cup, fundamentally something quite ordinary, the stuff of everyday life, [seems] indeed almost banal. But during the process we discovered fresh aspects, and suddenly ‘the ordinary’ became a new experience.”  

The artist can be followed here on her website.

Images:  Courtesy of Bodil Manz.

Cooee Design

Just purchased the origami ornaments pictured above. Was intending to use it just for Christmas but the colorations make it applicable for any occasion.  We’re eyeing the stained oak birds for our next purchase.  They are from the Swedish brand, Cooee Design, established by Catrine Åberg in 2005.  They are known for their beautiful minimalistic vases and trays created in various sizes primarily in earthy tones.  The ‘ball vase’ was the first product in their ceramic series.  It was met with great success and assortments based on this item was developed with new colors and shapes.  The name Cooee means ”Hi, Hello” on the Aboriginal language. 

More of their products can be seen on their website,  Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Cooee Design.
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