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Cone of Shame

Found this post on This is Colossal and since we are dog lovers, well, we just had to share.  This photo series, Cone of Shame, is a collaboration between photographer, Winnie Au, and costume designer, Marie-Yan Morvan.

Winnie Au is an award-winning fashion, lifestyle, portrait and dog photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  You can follow her work on her website and on Instagram.  Marie-Yan Morvan, born and raised in Paris, is an art director and a designer who creates props, environments and costumes.  She can be found on her website and on Instagram as well.

Images:  Courtesy of Winnie Au and Marie Yan Morvan.

Bil Donovan

Admiring the loose broad brush strokes and bright colors of fashion illustrator Bil Donovan. Since 2009 he has served as the first artist-in-residence for Christian Dior Beauty. He is also considered one of the most prolific and esteemed fashion and lifestyle illustrators working today. On an interview with he tells us a little bit about himself and his work:

“Every summer, the Broadway Movie Theater would donate free tickets for the children in the neighborhood to see matinee films. Most of the films were reruns ranging from comedies to horror. Occasionally, a fashion drama would play and during one matinee I saw “Sabrina” with Audrey Hepburn.”

“There is a moment in the film when Ms. Hepburn seems to glide across the ballroom in a Givenchy gown. I wanted to create that moment again, not through the lens of a camera or on a dress form, but through my passion, drawing.  That moment was my epiphany, and the genesis of my becoming a fashion illustrator.”

“In my quest to keep exploring, I am always looking for a new medium to incorporate into my work. I was approached by Winsor & Newton to experiment with the brand’s new Pigment Markers. I was thrilled, as I only use Winsor & Newton brushes and gouache in my work so this was a wonderful coincidence. I am now working on images on site in NYC with the Pigment Markers for the Winsor & Newton Colour Your City campaign and world-touring exhibit. Next up, Times Square and the Flat Iron Building, so stay tuned.”

You can follow the artist on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Bil Donovan.

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