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Amy Lawrence

AmyLawrenceAmy Lawrence is a textile designer specializing in knitted artisan jewelry. The UK-based artist uses an Italian knitting machine to create these high-end geometric pieces inspired by her interest in science, nature and traditional cultures.

Website, Facebook, Behance, Instagram, Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Amy Lawrence.

Mariko Kusumoto

MarikoKusumotoMariko Kusumoto is a metal and fiber artist born in Japan and currently based in Massachusetts. She majored in painting and printmaking but always had a penchant for metal sculpting. Wanting to create with a totally opposite material she chose fabric and created this series of wearable pieces. She molds translucent synthetic fabric into nature-inspired shapes and assembles them into these delicate jewelry. She writes this about her work:

“My work reflects various, observable phenomena that stimulate my mind and senses; they can be natural or man-made.  I ‘reorganize’ them into a new presentation that can be described as surreal, amusing, graceful, or unexpected.  A playful, happy atmosphere pervades my work.  I always like to leave some space for the viewer’s imagination; I hope the viewer experiences discovery, surprise, and wonder through my work.”

The artist can be followed on her website and on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Mariko Kusumoto.


Eried-JewelryEri Dimitriadi is a full-time architect and self-taught jewelry designer from Athens, Greece. Her collection sold under the brand name, Eried, is a combination of delicate beads made from polymer clay, precious stones and silver. She writes that she likes mixing different materials and tries to make all her creations have a progressive flow. In her own words these pieces are “flowers born out of stone”.

You can follow her on Facebook and purchase her designs on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Eried.