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Baptiste Debombourg

BaptisteDebombourgOur niece introduced us to this incredible on-site installation created by French sculptor, Baptiste Debombourg. The artist uses many layers of reclaimed material, glass, wood, nails and white paint to mimic a flood of rushing water. The site-specific installation was created at the Abbey Brauweiler in Germany. In his artist statement he writes about his projects:

“All my projects are somehow related to aspects of human relationships: our mistakes, our doubts and desires, as well as perceptions we each have of our own realities. My work explores the nature of our psychological relationships with objects, looking for the potential space between reality and the ideal model we aspire to achieve.”

Images: Courtesy of Baptiste Debombourg.

Dai Li

dai-liArtist Dai Li was born in Sichauan, China and moved to Australia where she established her ceramic studio in Queensland. We first discovered her intriguing jewelry on Etsy then moved on to her website where we found her amazing sculpted characters in various states of emotion. Her line consist of ceramic sculptures, jewelry and functional ware but we are most anxious to see how this emerging artist’s designs will evolve.

Images: Courtesy of Dai Li.

Papier á Êtres

PapieraEtresFrench artist Sophie Mouton-Perrat and chemist Frederic Guibrunet combined their passion for paper and created these unique paper luminaires sold under the brand, Papier á Êtres. Using only white paper the lamps are created with wire, paper folding and paper mache. The potraits on their website read as follows:

“He structured the paper, she poetized it.
She exposed in Paris, he exposed in Toronto,
they met to Brouage.
And there was born the union of two beings of paper.

Their works are long-lasting, realized with attention
and respect for the pleasure of their buyers.”

Images: Courtesy of Papier á Êtres.