Henny van der Meer

HennyvanderMeerDutch sculptress Henny van der Meer studied at the Utrecht School of Arts. She creates these amazing pieces with steel thin strips welded together to create a solid steel mold. Her early interest in gardening and the growth process in nature is clearly reflected in her work. In her profile she writes this about her work:

“Joining and branching out a major theme, as the seed takes root and then grow into a trunk, which branches again. It makes clear that one can not occur without the other. Seeded no roots, no roots, no trunk and branches. I translate therefore growth processes in connections between the different parts of a tree. Between what was, is and will. Another factor is the interaction between natural growth and the effect thereof a role by man.”

“Under my hands growing so step by step from small pieces of steel an image that gradually branched. I bow and press it into molds, let ramifications proliferate until compacted tissues. Then I prune where necessary, the image back. The image can not be given small, but growing through again. Like the vigor of nature.”

You can view more of her on her website and can also follow her on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Henny van der Meer.

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