Alessandro Gottardo

AlessandroGottardoHave featured Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout) previously in an older blog but his work is always worth a second look. The Milan-based artist studied art in Venice and illustration in Milan. He has been featured in many magazines and has won numerous awards. On an interview with My Modern Met he has this advise for budding illustrators:

“First rule, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid of anything, be positive always, also when you don’t get any feedback.”

“Think about the whole world as your hunting-ground. The Internet allows you to do that, you can reach clients all around the world. Don’t think too much about the clients close to your door, be open-minded. Take a look at all illustration social networks, look at thousands of different illustrators, learn the visual language as a spoken language. Find the difference between one illustration and another. Study the best pro in the world, look for him/her in annuals, online, wherever you have the chance.”

“Don’t copy anyone, be inspired by everyone.”

Images: Courtesy of Alessandro Gottardo.

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