Jonathan Calugi

JonathanCalugiTuscany-based illustrator and graphic designer, Jonathan Calugi, describes his style as the digital evolution of his childish doodles. We love his minimal line work and simple coloration. On a Designboom interview he explains what made him an illustrator:

“I’ve loved to draw ever since I was a small child. now I usually play with color and forms but I never studied to become an illustrator. when I was young I was in a music group and drew our CD covers. my girlfriend suggested to put them all on a website, eventually people started to notice me and I started to do work for clients. I love my job and I think I’m very lucky to do what I do for a living, but I really need to draw and would do even if nobody asked me to. that’s probably why the projects I enjoy most to this day are my own projects.”

Images: Courtesy of Jonathan Calugi.

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