Juana Gómez

JuanaGomezChilean visual artist Juana Gómez creates intricate anatomical embroideries over faded photographs of the human body. The photos are printed on fabric and the veins, neural pathways, and musculature are stitched with a needle and thread reminiscent of Italian Renaissance anatomical studies. Her artist statement best describes her work:

“My work comes from observation of nature and the processes that determine how they are structured and built living beings and inorganic world. This fundamental law can be seen in the veins of a leaf, a river and its tributaries, the central nervous system of humans, sea currents and routes Internet traffic. Deciphering this common language, connecting it with the macro micro, external and internal world, to distinguish a pattern that influences the inert, biological, social and cultural. It affects continuously, barely conscious and govern such everyday issues as our movements through the city, and others as personal as the symbols of our dreams. Its essence lies in the way things flow along the path of least resistance.”

You can follow Juana Gómez on Facebook and see more of her work on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Juana Gómez.

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