Kiva Ford

KivaFordThe miniature glass pieces first attracted us to the work of Virginia -based glass artist, Kiva Ford. A scientific glass blower by trade he designs one-of-a-kind glass instruments used for specific laboratories. In his studio he creates sculptures, glass vessels, miniatures and other creations crafted entirely by hand. The influence of mythology, history and science is evident in many of his artistic endeavors. In an interview with The Daily Mini he has this advoce for beginning artists:

“Make exceptional work! Make things that no one has ever seen before. Be innovative. Don’t get discouraged if your work doesn’t sell right away. Think about the long game. Remember, you do this because you love it, not because you are trying to make tons of money. Give yourself permission to be creative and to make what is in your head, even if you think it might not be received well. And also, make exceptional work!!!”

You can see more of his work on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Kiva Ford.

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