Naho Katayama

NahoKatayamNaho Katayama is a paper cutting artist from Nagasaki, Japan. The self-taught creator developed this intricate technique of constructing dimensions with multiple layers of paper. She started creating a few pieces as a hobby and since 2014 has been cutting paper professionally. In her biography she writes this about her process:

“ First, I draw a design by freehand, then I break up a single design into multiple patterns in my head before beginning the pieces cutting process. I developed and original technique of creating dimension via multiple layers of paper. My designs are quite small and most of my pieces are hand sized.

“I use a sharp craft knife, wood glue and sturdy textured paper ( 233gsm fine watercolor paper ).”

Website, Facebook, Behance and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Naho Katayama.

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