Stef Rymenants

StefRymenantsStef Rymenants is an illustrator and designer based in Brussels, Belgium. He has a degree in
graphic design and worked several years as an art director in advertising. Impressed by the works of illustrators he decided to give up art direction and started drawing for a living. On an interview with Thortful he says this about what inspires him:

“I am inspired by designer/illustrator/painter/comic artist Javier Mariscal from Barcelona ( He makes the craziest things and it’s always fun.
But everything around can trigger my brain. A magazine, an old man on the street with a dog, a girl on a bicycle, birds in the garden, a cat in front of a window… I always carry a sketchbook with me. If I really can’t concentrate I go to the city for a coffee. Watching and drawing people can really boost my creativity. And if that doesn’t help, I take a small nap.”

Website and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Stef Rymenants.

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