Phil Ferguson aka Chili Philly

Halloween is around the corner so it’s time to explore costume ideas.  We love these brilliant food-hats created by Melbourne-based crochet artist Phil Ferguson aka Chili Philly. He studied Fine Art at Curtin University and taught himself to knit and crochet.  In 2014 he began creating crochet hats and posting them on the social media platform, Instagram, which now has thousands of followers.  On an interview with The Design Files he says this about his concept:  

“The hat idea was actually inspired by the character Finn from the television show Adventure Time. He wears a bear hat that covers his whole head and only shows his face. Also when I started playing around with making hats, I had started getting into RuPaul’s Drag Race and began to appreciate the art, costumery and decadent headware. I guess it was a natural progression from obsessively watching these two shows to making wearable art. The hat thing kind of just stuck.”

You can follow the artist on Facebook and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Phil Ferguson aka Chili Philly.

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