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Sweet Softies

We are always looking for handmade gift ideas this time of the year.  Luckily we found this crochet project, Tea Rose Spa Set, on Ravelry created by Jade King an amiguri and crochet enthusiast.  Her background is primarily in fine arts, specifically graphite, water color and Chinese painting.  However, she has always had a particular interests in crafts such as origami, sewing, doll-making and ceramics…any creative activity using her hands.

The pattern for this crochet set (bath pouf, washcloth, scrubbier and soap holder) can be found here on Ravelry.  The crochet artist can be followed on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  You can purchase her crochet patterns in her Etsy shop, Sweet Softies.

Images:  Courtesy of Sweet Softies.


Hungarian born artist Katika is based in Moscow and is self-taught in the art of free form crochet.  In 2014 she combined her true passion for art with her love for crochet. She spent the next five years of painting with hooks and yarn creating an artistic language of her own.  In Textile Curator she describes how she works: “

“Usually, I work at my home studio, but sometimes I take my work with me and crochet everywhere. Firstly, I come up with a visual concept, which is relatively easy when I create commissioned portraits but can be challenging for more personal pieces, like it was with my pieces about mental struggles, e.g. ‘Depression’ and ‘Self-harm’. Secondly I sketch a lot to find the composition I like best and try out colour schemes. Thirdly, I prepare the materials and finally, I start crocheting. How exactly I crochet a piece depends on the composition and the image itself. Sometimes, I have one center and crochet around it but sometimes the whole image looks better when it consists of several individually created parts.”

You can view more of her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Katika.


Thoroughly impressed with the yarn projects of Japanese knitters and crocheters  known as 203gow. The unnamed primary artist is dedicated to spreading colorful, pop and fun knitting mainly as large space decoration but has also created small items for Japanese web shops.  She says this about her work:  

“It began with casually knitting the yarn that was on the desk that caught my eyes. (Maybe) I’ve loved drawing and making something since I was a kid, so it’s probably that the material that happened to be expressed was yarn.”

You can follow the artist on her website and on Facebook.

Images:   Courtesy of 203gow.

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