Yasuko Aoyama

Yasuko Aoyama is a printmaker based in Sendai City, Japan She is the creator of these large format eraser stamp prints. The artist has been drawing since she was a child but realized she could express her favorite colors, textures, lines and shapes by carving on an eraser.  On an interview in Global Fashion Street she say this about her source of inspiration:

“I often draw things that I think are beautiful in what I see every day. Sometimes I draw it as it is and sometimes I replace certain things that I feel can emphasize the beauty of the concept. Recently, I drew an octopus that appeared in my dream.  I also try to make pictures that I can imagine from literary works and music that I come across.”

You can follow the artist on her Tumblr website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Yasuko Aoyama.

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