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Rosie James

RosieJamesRosie James is a British textile artist, teacher and maker whose expertise is in embroidery, stitched thread, sewing and screen printing. Her work involves using a sewing machine as a drawing tool instead of a pen or pencil. She creates images using the stitched line and embellishes them with screen printing, applique, printed fabrics and computer embroidered elements. On an article in Visit Salford she explains her particular interest in figures and crowds:

“I am very interested in crowds and in particular looking at the individual within the crowd. I like to draw people out and about, but I am particularly interested in the details of life, the handbags, the clothes, the shoes, our hairstyles and the stuff we carry around with us; all the things which differentiate us from others. I use a camera to capture these scenes and then make drawings from the photographs. This means I can get all the details.”

You can follow the multi-disciplined artist on her website and on Facebook as well.

Images: Courtesy of Rosie James.

William J. O’Brien

WilliamJ.O'BrienChicago-based artist William J. O’Brien has a diverse discipline that includes painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. We are most drawn to his work of felt collages with its geometric shapes and repetitive patterns. The artist makes precise cut-outs that are then stitched against a neutral background showing an art form intricately expressed through material and process.

Images: Courtesy of William J. O’Brien.

Nadya Sheremet

NadyaSheremetNadya Sheremet is a freelance artist and illustrator living in Russia. She also creates these dolls with intricate embroidery accents labeled under the brand, “Family Toys”. Wish we could tell you where the dolls can be purchased for we would certainly be first in line to acquire them. You can follow the artist on Facebook and see more of her work on Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Nadya Sheremet.