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Albert Chamillard

Tucson-based artists Albert Chamillard builds his drawings with only pen and paper using well-worn books and found pieces of paper.  He spends hours working in layers beginning with a herringbone pattern of back and forth slashes. He repeats the process often reversing it until he seemingly creates an optical illusions.  He started small using notebooks but has since developed larger scale works.  On Zócalo magazine he says this about art:

“I try to make stuff that looks beautiful and is enjoyable for me to make. You start to question it too much and that just gets in the way.  There’s a human act called art, and I’m a part of it. I understand the compulsion to do it. It’s a way of responding to your world.”

You can view more of his work on Instagram and Etherton Gallery.

Images:  Courtesy of Albert Chamillard.

Mark Powell

In awe of the work of London-based artist Mark Powell.  He attended Huddersfield University studying Fine Art Drawing and Painting.  He uses old envelopes, postcards, newspapers, maps and other ephemera as a canvas and utilizes a biro pen to apply his art.  Here are some FAQs from his website regarding the artist:  

How do you choose a particular drawing?

“Each face I choose to draw has to have character and a suggestion of a history to tell. That way the viewer can create any narrative of a life that may have been lived. The same applies to the postcards or documents etc, neither the face or document have a connection beyond the fact both have an aesthetic quality of a history.”

Any advice on becoming an artist?

“There is no formula for this. I worked so many jobs and lived in so many houses but the only constant was my creating. Then one day someone noticed and i became an full time artist. But you dont need to do it full time to be an artist!”

You can follow the artist and see more of his work here on his website.

Images:  Courtesy of Mark Powell.

Kevin Lucbert

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist who graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts is Paris.  He regularly participates in exhibitions and leads workshops of drawing. He is known for his collection of blue line drawings using a Bic pen or a Uniball colored pen.  He lives and works between Berlin and Paris and produces drawings for French and international clients.   On an interview with JungKatz he says this about the supplies he uses: 

“I like to draw with simple elements that I can carry everywhere: sketchbook, biro pen, eraser, sometimes a ruler. These are simple tools that provide some boundaries as well as a lot of potential. I like the idea of expressing the most with the humblest implement. Right now I mostly use a blue biro BIC pen on Moleskine drawing paper. I love this paper. It is not too bright white but a little bit yellow. I also like to use Uniball colored ballpoint pens. I love working on monochrome pictures because they communicate directly the idea they want to express with great visual impact. Decorative and superficial elements become less important then. During my travels, I like to use watercolors to make spontaneous drawings. I prefer to do sketches in order to remember places I have seen and people I have met rather than photography.”

The artist can be followed on his website, Tumblr and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Kevin Lucbert.