DahlhausDrawing inspiration from vintage and mid-century modern, artist Heather Dahl has created this collection of simple, irresistible designs found on bowls, mugs and vases. This Vancouver-based artist/ceramist sells her ceramics under the brand, Dahlhaus, and has exhibited and sold her designs through galleries and retailers all over North America. She says this of her work:

“The connection between a maker and their handmade product is so much more meaningful when it’s been made, start to finish, by one Maker.”

Images: Courtesy of Dahlhaus.

Noma Bar

NomaBarNever tire looking at the graphics of Israeli-born artist, illustrator and designer, Noma Bar. His style is a condensed approach employing a few shapes and lines and using a minimum amount of color. Noma states his style best he’s, “after the maximum communication with minimum elements”. You can follow him here on Facebook and see more of his work here on Dutch Uncle.

Images: Courtesy of Noma Bar.


Susanna Bauer

SusannaBauerIt takes intense concentration and exceptional needlework skills to create these amazing miniature art pieces. That gentle touch belongs to UK-based artist, Susanna Bauer, who uses natural found objects as a canvas and embellishes them with crochet. She says this of her work:

“My work begins with a walk. I find a leaf, a piece of driftwood. I take it home. Its new life begins.”

Images: Courtesy of Susanna Bauer.