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Wayne Tsay

Admiring the paintings and traditional work of Southern California-based artist, Wayne Tsay.  Couldn’t find too many information about this artist.  We do know that he is currently a Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks and a feature animation instructor at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, teaching “Color and Lighting”. He contributes a lot of his current career success to plein-air painting and his past architecture school training.

More of his work can be found at Cargo Collective, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Wayne Tsay. 

Naonori Yago

NaonoriYagoInspired by these patterns created by Japanese art director and graphic designer, Naonori Yago. The patterns were used as signage for trendy Harajuku department store, La Foret. Love the pattern on pattern technique that he utilizes in this body of work. The patterns are also featured in the video, Patterns by La Foret, which can be viewed here on You Tube.

Images: Courtesy of Naonori Yago.

Brian Rea

BrianReaDiscovered the illustrations of Brian Rea in the luxury brand online store, Marni, and immediately became a fan of his work. Love the uncomplicated, minimalist and primitive approach to his art as well as the constrained humor expressed. He has produced drawings and designs for a variety of projects including short animations, one of our favorites entitled, “Building Tomorrow”.

Images: Courtesy of Brian Rea.

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