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Jose Romussi

JoseRomussiChilean artist Jose Romussi creates intricate collages merging embroidery with photographs. The Berlin-based artist explains his work here on Mauger Modern:

“My work is a constant search to be able to express and represent my ideas. I know there is more that what is tangible and visible and I do not think everything has been done. Therefore, I am constantly exploring and discovering new techniques and materials. I want to give a new perspective to things that already exist and give a moment in time in the present to whatever has already been forgotten. I am interested on stitching the past and the present: all surfaces are penetrable.”

And also here in Fine Print Magazine:

“I was using painting in the beginning to represent my ideas like edible aniline. But I wasn’t happy with the result. I didn’t study art, so I started experimenting with different materials and surfaces until I found my own style through the embroidery technique. I did an interpretation with embroidery by chance in one of my paintings, and it felt more like my own style than the painting by itself.”

Images: Courtesy of Jose Romussi.

Maria Svarbova

MariaSvarbovaThese images are the work of self-taught photographer and art director, Maria Svarbova. The
Slovakia-based artist finished her university studies of conservation – restoration and archeology but has dedicated herself to photography since 2010. Her profile on Saatchi Art describes her work as follows:

“Inspired by the historic artifacts and environments of Communist Czechoslovakia Mária presents an imaginary dehumanized world that features every day situations. Situations that illuminate a fictional world that is inhabited by emotionless individuals who seem to be simply going through the motions—emotionless and static in the roles they assume. Using a limited subdued palette of colors, the focus is on the narrative. Each frame within the series is meticulous arranged and the models are carefully chosen to reflect the mood and sensation that she is looking for. Both complex and evocative Mária’s work challenges the roles that humans play in society and ask the viewer to reflect on their own individual role in society.”

Website, Behance, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Maria Svarbova.

Anastasia Savinova

AnastasiaSavinovaAdmiring the artwork of Sweden-based visual artist, Anastasia Savinova. Particularly liking the drawings, paintings and architectural collages shown above. In an interview with Landescape Art Review she says this about what defines a work of art:

“What defines a work of art for me is its ability to affect the senses or emotions. Art gets you to slow down and travel into it. You wander in an artwork’s space, thinking, recalling something, surprising.dreaming, smiling. enjoying.”

“Sometimes, art creates a tension, but it is not a destructive tension, it is rather a creative tension. Art makes difference. I’m not saying that art can change the world, but it adds beauty, fullness and joy, that contributes to our well-being. Art can make a huge difference or a tiny difference, but a tiny difference is still a difference, isn’t it?”

You can follow the artist on Facebook and see more of her work on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova.

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